My mom told me the story of how she used to watch her grandma (Tota Ruby)  make punch for our entire family. At the time my mom was young and unaware of the alcohol content, and just thought cherries & ginger ale was a fancy adult drink she was not allowed to have.
But there is more to it than that young one! It was a crazy delicious punch!
This recipe is mostly a family secret, so I cannot divulge how much of each ingredient is added*. This recipe was passed down to me after a large family gathering and I can tell you, it stands the test of time!
You will need to taste as you go of course!
-94% proof vodka
-Spiced/dark rum
-1 frozen orange juice can
-Jar of maraschino cherries
-Ginger ale

You want to soak the cherries in the brandy for at least 3 hours in a glass container. When you ready to make the punch, get out your large bowl and mix it all up!

For the slush, pour all of this into a pitcher & put it into the freezer over night.

Tota Ruby's secret punch
Tota Ruby’s secret punch

Thank you Tota ❤
*it’s usually an entire bottle, this stuff gets you rather smashed & it’s super sweet so you can’t taste the alcohol content.