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Magic Smoothie

Let us get right to the facts, I wanted to rave about how awesome my smoothie was, but I didn’t want to photograph it & post it to social media. So I wrote up this recipe and if you are so inclined you can make it, photograph it, and post it to your social circle & be a hero. You will need a blender, a knife & a spoon. Let’s get this started.

Gather ingredients.
1 ripe avocado*

1 banana (not all yellow but a little brown spotting)

1 tbs coconut mana

2 tsp honey

2 cups (~500ml)  Vanilla “milk” (I use Almond fresh)

Peel the banana, put it in the blender. Slice the avocado in half & pop the nut, or carefully & quickly with the precision of a chef, chop your knife into the center of the nut & twist it out. Then scoop out the avocado flesh & add it in. Then in goes the milk, mana then the honey (so it doesn’t stick to the sides, love)

Blend these magical items together, and bam, you’re an idol baby. You will have all the foodies & health gurus bowing at your feet with this green masterpiece. Hmm, upon further reflection, I guess that would be the only downside, it’s hard to get some people to eat green food. At least it is a handsome green. I like handsome.

* I’ve seen the picture “not ready, not ready, spoiled”, and I’ll give you some tips for finding the best avocados at the store.
1. They are kind of wrinkly; the smooth avocados are okay, but never as yummy
2. The peel will be kind of on the dark side, Skywalker.
3.  It is all about the touch. If you feel like you are going to stick your finger through it, it’s gone bad, and if it’s hard to the touch it is not ready yet.

Avocados last about four days at their perfect ripeness, in my opinion, but this smoothie can take a little bit of over-ripe anything, just make sure the insides are not black or brown. When buying, make sure to have a use for them so they wont sit around, like “Oh! On Tuesday I’ll make guac, and then in the morning I’ll make that smoothie that will turn me into batman I read about on the internet.”
Happy blending!

P.S I was coincidentally wearing my batman hoodie while making my smoothie.

A poem.

So it turns out when I am properly motivated (Free tickets to see Slayer) I can write a pretty sweet “poem.”*cough*
here goes:

Slayer Tickets

We’ve all heard the poems with roses;
they don’t even know where their nose is.
I have a whole stack of rhymes,
Going to come at you like a hundred lines…
of people, waiting full time to get tickets
Wait too long and you only hear crickets.
It’s cold outside with your MP3’s
can’t get your ass inside to see.
No one’s gonna let you in for free
guessing game on getting the money.

Here comes the A M radio,
a little station named C J Lo
always with free metal shows,
I gotta learn to write in prose
Who knows? Might impress those guys
and get me inside.
I can’t just beg for entrance,
I’m gonna write more than one sentence.
Everyone needs to see Slayer,
it’s not the same on a cd player.
Long hair, moshing at home
no crowds, two feet,  all alone…
Fall down the stairs and break a bone.
Damn! Call the ambulance
I fell during one of the tracks,
headbanging and trying to dance.
These tickets are mine, don’t worry
I still have a neck, man, hurry
I need to throw up the horns and the hair
Letting anyone else win just wouldn’t be fair.

But I deserve it, most of all
I was just joking before, I didn’t fall.
Though, I did have an accident,
I spent all my Slayer money on rent…

Sign says God listens to Slayer,
But I bet that guy listens to John Mayer.
Give the tickets to a real metal head,
one that wont squeal and put pictures up over their bed.

This poem is getting rather feisty
I think I’m going to break and drink some non-tea.
*Glug glug glug*
Seems like cold beer in your mug!
With a couple drinks in,
surprise it’s bathtub gin!
I am falling on the floor again
“Save it for the concert man!”
I should just take a shot and drink some water.
Writing this poem is now a lot harder….

At this point I’ve written like fifty lines,
If your going to count, I don’t tell any lies.
About now I should rhyme about the band,
You know the one whose tickets will be in my hand?
It’s Slayer friend, since nineteen eighty one,
they formed, and look at what they’ve done!
Legions of fans from all over the world
Riffs so sick they make your mom hurl.
Albums and albums of heavy mu-sic,
So original they made the blueprint.
Eleven crazy albums, and still counting…
with lyrics you yell, and not sing.

I don’t need a hundred lines to impress
like a coked out ho in a dress.
I won’t be the old guy near the front of the stage,
who knows every word and shows his age.
I won’t be the girl in 5 inch tall shoes
so afraid of getting a bruise.
I won’t be the bro in the back
ordering his 8th round of coke & Jack
I won’t be the woman in leather,
tall hair ruined by the weather.
I won’t be the guy all dressed in black,
eyeing the huge Marshall stack.
Just know that I will be me,
at a Slayer show, head banging for free.


-J. Gunn
(And as a side note, I did Win the tickets!)




Halloween Finger Cookies

Well this is my Halloween post about food! And I have a great recipe for you!

Now, if you haven’t guessed, this is my favorite time of year. There is candy, skeletons, costumes, horror movies, and everyone’s house parties and dinner parties have a little spooky something on the table!


yum cookies!
Spooky cookies!

I start thinking about Halloween like in the middle of August, and start looking for costumes & foods I might like to make if I get the opportunity. This year I was dead set on creating those loveable dead finger cookies. (and booze cupcakes)

As always I wanted to put a little twist on them, and not use a plain sugar cookie recipe.  A few years ago for Christmas I had made a bunch of different recipes of cookies to find the best one for my cookie press. During my search I had made a cream cheese cookie, and remembered the consistency & malleability, so I used this recipe:
(For a nut free version, forget the almonds & make a little place where at the end you can stick on Smarties or M&Ms)

 Cream together:

-3/4 cup butter
-3 ounces of cream cheese (~6 tablespoons)
-1 cup Sugar

Then add:

-1 egg
-1 teaspoon vanilla
In a separate bowl,
-2 ¾ cup flour
-1 teaspoon baking powder
-¼ teaspoon salt
Add the dry bowl into the wet.

From here you can separate them in to how many ever colors of fingers you want and add food color. I made two colors, A green & blue for Zombie/witch/Frankenstein’s monster fingers, or add a touch of red & yellow for human/vampire/corpse fingers.

I them popped it into the fridge for at least 2 hours.looking good....

While the dough is chilling you can slice some almonds in half if you didn’t buy the pre cut slivers I cut mine up.

Once the dough has chilled take about 2 tbs of it and squeeze it in your hand & roll it a little.

 Lay it on a cutting board and lightly push it into a finger shape, creating a knuckle in the middle.

Place the almond at the end of the cookie.
Then take a knife & make some shallow slices on the knuckle & above where the almond is.

Place it on your parchment paper bake for 7-8 minutes at 350 C This recipe made about 24 cookies!

The icing I used was 1 egg white and 2-3 cups of icing sugar & food coloring.

Extra chocolate & booze party cupcake recipe

So here is a variation/update on my original chocolate vodka cupcake recipe. I was going to a good friends Halloween house party, where I helped decorate and prepare some food. I thought this to be appropriate for the drinking crowd so I upped the booziness & chocolatelyness of it, added an icing, and provided a picture.

cupcakes & fingers
Spooky cupcakes & severed fingers.

Bake these at 350 C for ~20 minutes.

Combine the dry ingredients:
-1 cup sugar
-1 3/4 cups flour
-½ cup cocoa powder
-1 tsp baking soda
-½ tsp salt

Make a little hole in the middle and add:
-½ cup butter
-1 egg
-1 tsp pure vanilla extract
-½ cup milk
– Put ¼ cup warm water in 1/2 cup mezcal (total ¾ cup)
–  ¾ cup chocolate chips

Mix that all together.
Line your cupcake pan with papers (nothing too colorful, these are chocolate & it ruins the brightness of the design unless you don’t care about it too much, like me & just use what you have.)

This should make 12 (I think) medium cupcakes…but I kind of split this recipe into 24 minis & 2 extra large so it might be a bit more than that.


I then added an icing and Halloween sprinkles.

This icing hardens quickly, so you want to spread, sprinkle, spread, sprinkle. For each cupcake.
(1 egg white beaten crazy frothy, then 1 cup icing sugar, then another)


Everyone loved them or was really drunk, you decide! try it out.

and it continues!

Well, I can never seem to stick to my word when it comes to blogging and art, and cooking, although I had typed up 2 recipes and I can’t find them at the moment. The art show I was supposed to attend I did not get to in time. This time I make no promises. I hope you will stick around an continue to read.

July 2013

Well I haven’t been as busy as I said I would have, but I do have a print show that I’m attending and participating in, it’s a traveling show and tonight it’s local and in the city. It is called “Where our home is” It features some of my prints from 2007-8 where I went to a print school in the town of Mirabel. I was supposed to go back to this school this year, but there was no funding to create a program sadly. I will be talking to the director of these affairs tonight at the show. Hopefully something will come of it, I have so many printing ideas!

Now about the cooking, I’m embarrassed to say this but it’s been mostly frozen food or salad, I have no excuse. I do have a nice bread recipe though & a few ways to use it, so that will be posted this Saturday for everyone. I Think I might actually re-type my grandmothers recipe for apple cake too!

Also, the weather has been fantastically warm, humid, sunshiney and thunderstormy which I love. It made for a fun afternoon of fishing that’s for sure. Type to you all soon.

Chicken fried rice

Chicken fried rice


Hey I was experimenting and digging through the cupboards, when I found the ingredients to possibly create some chicken fried rice.


You will need to start by making rice & boiling:

 -2 cups of water.

Then add:

 -1 cup of rice (I used basmati)

-1 tbs chicken stalk

Then cover, & let sit for 20 minutes


While that is cooking & steaming put a little bit of oil in a pan & start to fry up some vegetables & onions. You can use a quick frozen pouch, or create a mixture of canned or fresh:
-mushrooms, peas, carrots, corn, green beans… whatever you want.


I used a can of sliced mushrooms drained and fried that first, then added the small can of corn kernels and half a can of peas. While that was going I added the chicken.

I know this may sound weird but I used a can of chicken. It’s like tuna, but not fish. It’s kind of salty, but that’s why I didn’t add any salt to the recipe.


So you add:

-1 cup of cooked chicken,(leftovers or other wise) and cook all that down in your frying pan. I then added :

-Fresh ground pepper and some steak spice I think.


While this is all cooking on low, your rice should be finished cooking.

Add about half of the rice and

-4 tbs of soy sauce (more or less depending on your taste) mix it up and add the rest of the peas.


Then add more rice, and taste it and adjust the flavors to your liking.


You will then finish by cracking:

-1 egg

 Into the pan and cooking & stirring until the egg is cooked and has bound everything.


It looks like mush or goulash or something, but it’s chicken fried rice. Trust me.



June 2013

Hey, I’ll start with some good news; I participated in an art show and exposition, and got some new people interested in my artwork. It was the YES Art Expo, and I am thankful to them because it was a great experience.  It was not as fun as the week prior to it, where the Bazaar (of the Bizarre) I attended may have done more for me in terms of clients (see those little hole in the wall places and church fairs really work!) but they don’t get to see my paintings and prints. So I loved the feedback from that, and it encouraged me to keep painting.

To continue with painting and crafts immediately after the shows would have been the best option, but as we all know life is full of changes. This may be a bit personal, but,  I was on the “move out” end of a break up, in which I had to relocate myself, my things, and my art. Truthfully, this has been an ongoing process, over the last 6 or more months, but it still felt like a surprise. After 7 years, I lost my dog, my routine, my home.

The reason I’m telling my readers this is that I am slowly getting more comfortable in my new place, with my new love, new dog, new routine… although strange, I adapt and I’m starting to make artwork again It is also to explain my recent absence. The recipe blogs may be more infrequent as the kitchen is also new and does not have everything I am used to. But I am working on it & I do have a new recipe for everyone! I also have a painting or three to show you. I’m going to get some new canvas, and hopefully find somewhere to make prints, or get myself a press.

I continue to make art, and hope to share it with you on a more regular basis.

May update

I am writing this to you at the end of July, because I realized I have not typed up a blog in months and I said I would make a birthday post, and I would be going places, and things were looking up. But I’ll make this short.

 My birthday was fun, I went bowling and hung out in a park, the weather was amazing. I spent a lot of time out of the house and at concerts with friends in May and June. July was spent moving and setting up myself again.


As in intermediate post I want to say that I haven’t gone to the printing studio yet, no word on that. I still want to go though and have some sketches…somewhere. I attended the first Mtl bizarre of the bizarre & sold well, I loved it, but I am very glad I got to share a table with my friend.  Now that I am hooked up to the internet my posts in August will be more frequent. There is more info on “future” blogs about my art and cooking in June and July updates.



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